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Kilim Fish Farm ....Hidden in a mangrove forest the Restaurants Hole in the Wall is a unique spot where you can combine a pleasent seafood lunch or dinner with nature & lifestyle. It is not just eating. It is an eating adventure and most guests that have been visiting is are coming again.
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Hole in the Wall Fish farm & Restaurant Langkawi

...........The Hole in the Wall is a floating restaurant located inside the fish farm at the Kilim estuary on the northern part of the Langkawi Island. It is the only floating restaurant in the island of Langkawi.This fish farm lies within the vicinity of the verdant mangrove forests and the striking limestone structures formations along the Kilim River. Interestingly, the Hole in the Wall Fish farm got its name from a little opening in a long line of limestone hills at the outskirts of the Andaman Sea.

kilim fish farm restaurants
Location : Kilim River - Mangrove Tour Activites

The Hole in the Wall Fish farm & Restaurant housed in this fish farm is an excellent eatery where you can relish a sumptuous sea-food lunch or dinner under the open sky.

In fact the specialty of this restaurant is that they serve the freshest seafood cooked in authentic Malay style in Langkawi. You can savor the traditional Malay dishes consisting of King crabs, prawns, stingrays, snappers, garoupas and lobsters. The delightful experience of alfresco dining with the backdrop of Kilim river and mangrove trees is worth cherishing! The seafaring yachts anchored around also imparts a different charm to the place.
After you finish eating you may indulge in one or a two drinks or cocktails at the floating bar of this restaurant.


fish farm restaurants
kilim fish farm restaurant
fish farm restaurants kilim
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